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Re: gdb supported on powerpc-apple-darwin ?


Dr. Rolf Jansen wrote:
Which version of FSF gdb does gdb-908 compare to?
Compare in which respect? Which features are you looking for?

The question was based on the assumption that there is a common patch base on both forks. If the information exchange is little, it does not make sense to try to compare.

I'm not actually missing a specific feature. I have rather experienced
bad performance and integration with my favorite GUI, using the mi
(actually mi2, I believe) interface. I read that the Apple fork is not
completely compatible in respect to this interface, for the sake of
better Xcode integration, which made me hope the FSF gdb would work

Well you have three options:

1. if you favourite GUI is open source, then you can try
   to accomodate for the Apples mi dialect there.

Sadly, it isn't. But I called on the developers, lets see what happens.


2. you can add in the FSF mi into Apples GDB. This
   sounds more complicated than it is. I did this
   the other way around. I produced an mi for Xcode
   called miX and mixed it into the current FSF
   GDB. With that I can do cross platform debugging
   from within Xcode.


I saw your post in this regard, quite nice! It seems a good starting point if I should decide to contribute to gdb.

To make a reasonable decision for 1 | 2 | 3, you might first want to figure out which MI commands are mis-understood by Apples-gdb or which MI results are mis-understood by your favourite GUI.

For this you might want to let your GUI call gdb by the way of a proxy shell script. This shell script contains the following lines:

tee ~/Desktop/ | /usr/bin/gdb --interp=mi2 | tee ~/Desktop/gdb-session.out

Thanks, this is indeed the first thing to do. I will check and see whats going on between the GUI and gdb, and which commands exactly confuse the former. I already know that these are few, so with some luck I can even avoid them.



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