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gdb supported on powerpc-apple-darwin ?


it seems a rather trivial question, however I could not easily find the answer: is 'plain' FSF gdb supported on Mac OS X (ppc darwin)?

Simply downloading the gdb-6.8 release, configure says:
*** This configuration is not supported in the following subdirectories:
     bfd opcodes gdb sim
    (Any other directories should still work fine.)

without any other complaints in config.log. Subsequent calls to
make compile libreadline and stuff, but not gdb. Inspecting, it claims that for the 'powerpc-*-darwin*' target the
subdirectory gdb would indeed be unsupported. The same goes for
newest CVS sources.

I could not find a 'supported plattforms' listing, neither on the
website, nor in the README / INSTALL files. However in a previous
topic on this list ('error during configure/make sequence on GDB-CVS
sources at Mac OS X'), the differences between FSF gdb-6.8 and Apples
patched gdb on Mac OS X where discussed. This led me to the (wrong?)
assumption that FSF gdb would plainly build on darwin?

Am I doing something wrong here?



BTW: Apple developers: is the current (and upcoming) Apple gdb still based on gdb's 2005 code? I could not find newer commits in the Changelog of gdb-908, are they just undocumented?

Which version of FSF gdb does gdb-908 compare to?

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