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GDB crash on via eden processor

Hello, i'm having some issues while debugging a program. I am testing my program on two computers:
-A kubuntu, with core2duo cpu.
-A debian etch, with a 400MHz via eden cpu.

These are the tests i've done:

1) Running my program alone:
Kubuntu: it never crashes.
Debian: it never crashes.

2) Debugging my program:
Kubuntu: it never crashes.
Debian: gdb crashes, and my program is somehow left running with some missing threads.

3) Debugging the debugging of my program:
Kubuntu: it never crashes.
Debian: the nested gdb crashes, my program is again left running with missing thredas, and the top-level gdb catches the crash of the nested gdb. The backtrace is at the bottom of the email [1].

This means that, while my program seems to run fine alone, i am unable to debug any bugs, since gdb crashes. As a side note (in case it's of any help), gdb and my program are always run with root permissions.

I've googled but couldn't find anything relevant. Could this crash be caused by my program? Any hints on what to do now? If more information is needed, please let me know. I'm really lost at the moment, so any advice is very welcomed. Thanks a lot in advance!

---------------- # dpkg -l |grep "gdb" ii gdb 6.4.90.dfsg-1 The GNU Debugger ii libgdbm3 1.8.3-3 GNU dbm database routines (runtime version) ---------------- # gdb --version GNU gdb 6.4.90-debian ---------------- # dpkg -l |grep libc6 ii libc6 2.3.6.ds1-13etch5 GNU C Library: Shared libraries ii libc6-dev 2.3.6.ds1-13etch5 GNU C Library: Development Libraries and Hea ii libc6-i686 2.3.6.ds1-13etch5 GNU C Library: Shared libraries [i686 optimi ---------------- # uname -a Linux redeyeoviedo #2 PREEMPT Mon Apr 14 16:14:36 CEST 2008 i686 GNU/Linux ---------------- [1] (gdb) bt #0 0x08091903 in _initialize_thread_db () #1 0x08091d1a in _initialize_thread_db () #2 0x0810da2b in normal_stop () #3 0x0807fead in discard_cleanups () #4 0x08118c44 in throw_exception () #5 0x08118d10 in throw_exception () #6 0x08118d6c in throw_verror () #7 0x08082ea3 in error () #8 0x0808318b in perror_with_name () #9 0x08090528 in supply_gregset () #10 0x08097446 in linux_record_stopped_pid () #11 0x080935c9 in _initialize_thread_db () #12 0x0810e75f in resume () #13 0x0810e983 in resume () #14 0x0810fab2 in handle_inferior_event () #15 0x08110f2d in wait_for_inferior () #16 0x081110ae in proceed () #17 0x0810c437 in get_inferior_args () #18 0x0807f0f3 in execute_command () #19 0x0811ca7b in push_prompt () #20 0x0811d7b9 in display_gdb_prompt () #21 0xb7fc91a0 in rl_callback_read_char () from /lib/ #22 0x0811cc3b in push_prompt () #23 0x0811c5b2 in gdb_do_one_event () #24 0x0811ba5d in delete_async_signal_handler () #25 0x0811c225 in gdb_do_one_event () #26 0x08118f8b in catch_errors () #27 0x080c1934 in _initialize_tui_interp () #28 0x081195cf in current_interp_command_loop () #29 0x0807821b in gdb_main () #30 0x08118f8b in catch_errors () #31 0x08078a24 in gdb_main () #32 0x08118f8b in catch_errors () #33 0x08078203 in gdb_main () #34 0x080781c5 in main () ----------------

-- Bruno González Campo Irontec, Internet y Sistemas sobre GNU/LinuX - +34 94.404.81.82

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