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Re: "too few arguments in function call"

On Tuesday 05 August 2008 10:09:33 Andreas Schwab wrote:
> André Pönitz <> writes:
> > However, if I do something like   gdb ./myapp-with-all-plugins  I get
> >
> >   (gdb) p "xxx"
> >   too few arguments in function call
> When gdb processes a string in an expression it allocates space in the
> inferior by calling malloc and copying the string contents into this
> space.  Apparently gdb gets confused when it looks up the address of the
> malloc function.
> > When this message is issued in infcall.c, nargs is always 1, and
> > TYPE_NFIELDS (ftype) is 2, independently of the arity of the called
> > function, so it really seems to involve the 'string literal conversion'
> > (or parsing, or whatever gdb does at that point).
> What does `info function malloc' show?

Bingo! ;-)

There are a few hundred lines, but the culprit seems to be a

  class foo { ...   static  foo *malloc(int, int, int, foo*); }

function. If I rename this, the problem goes away.

Unfortunately, that's something that cannot be changed 
in the production code for the next few year ;-}

Is there a way to convince gdb not to try to use functions
with unsuitable arity if there's a suitable one present?

In any case: Thanks a lot, that was a big step forward!


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