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Re: GDB MI - differences in -var-create output

 > I have developed a GDB plugin for my IDE using the GDB Machine Interface.
 > I have tested the plugin under Linux and Windows and it seems to
 > function very good. However, under Mac OSX (10.5.2) (it works well,
 > but only after I tweaked my GDB MI output parser a bit) the GDB MI
 > output is a bit difference than the other OSs, for example, running
 > this command:
 > -var-create - * <expression>
 > under Linux & Windows, provides the same output like this:
 > ^done,name="var2",numchild="1",value="{...}",type="orxAABOX"
 > However, under Mac I get this:
 > ^done,name="var2",numchild="1",type="orxAABOX"
 > Note the missing 'value={...}' part.

Apple have their own version of GDB which they use for Xcode.  Their info
manual documents some (but not all) of the differences with FSF GDB.

 > My question is this: is this a bug or by design, cause I hate leaving
 > parts of my code under #if __MAC__ / #endif

It's not exactly design as I think Apple merge in some changes from the FSF
repository.  It's just that the two versions have diverged somewhat.


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