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Re: Autogenerate gdbarch doc for internals manual

> Date: Fri, 01 Aug 2008 10:06:05 -0700
> From: Stan Shebs <>
> Undeterred by the stunning lack of response to my last internals manuals 
> query (, not too late 
> to speak up :-) ),

Hey, I didn't respond because you didn't ask for any specific decision
there.  All I see in that message (and I just re-read it to refresh my
memory) is that you tell us you are working on a script that would
announce discrepancies between the docs and the code; a very good
initiative, IMO.

> Mechanically, the way I see it working is that running 
> produces a third file, doc/gdbarch.texi, which is then included in 
> doc/gdbint.texinfo. Some gdbint.texinfo bits will migrate into 
>; I don't think there will be a problem including texinfo 
> markup in, just need basic @foo{} constructs to get passed 
> through. This is going to be more of a background task for me, but I 
> wanted to get some agreement on the direction before starting to tinker.

You have my agreement.


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