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RE: MI non-stop interface details

> > For curiosity, what will happen to GDB's 'current thread' if that
> > thread is continued, i.e., what if we have -exec-continue on a single
> > thread as suggested above, and we issue two -exec-continue in a row?
> >
> This isn't stricly related to the current thread.  What happens
> if the frontend emits two '-exec-continue --thread="1"' ?
> GDB will currently error out if a command tries to resume a
> running thread. 
> Currently:
>  error ("Thread is already running");
> Ignoring would also be a valid behaviour, I guess, although
> an error condition is easier to define.

And if I understand correctly, GDB's current thread will remain
the same, even if that thread is currently running, or if it exists.
So, effectively, the only way the 'current thread' can change is with 
a -thread-select, or a command using the --thread flag?
Even if it means the 'current thread' is invalid?

BTW, I agree with you that an error is the easiest way for the frontend
to know it must have done something wrong.

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