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General user of GDB - stuck!


I'm currently using "GNU gdb 5.3 for gnat 3.16a1 (20030729)"
I'm using this on a Red-Hat version of Linux and debugging
a C/C++ application.

Something is happening in GDB that I have not come across before.
I'm not an expert on debuggers so I was hoping someone might know
the answer.

When I debug the application at application level (i.e. at a frame
above any shared libraries), data that I print (i.e. gdb> p some_variable)
is fine. As soon as I descend into a frame in one of our shared libraries
(a .so file) data that I print appears as garbage. I know it isn't really
garbage though because printf() statements of the data are fine, and
variables populated by the shared library look normal once the IP has
returned from shared library.

Not all of our shared libraries behave this way. What might I look for
in the building of this particular shared library that might be the
cause. This shared library is a C++ library with a C interface.


Jevon Kendon

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