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Re: [MI] -break-delete with several breakpoints

On Sat, 2008-04-26 at 22:08 +0400, Vladimir Prus wrote:
> I've noticed that right now, both -break-delete and -break-disable
> commands accept several breakpoint ids, like:
> 	-break-disable 1 2 3
> This behaviour comes almost by accident, and is not documented anywhere.
> The question is -- should we document it and add tests, or should we
> declare this behaviour does not exist?
> I think that most of the time, making use of this behaviour will require
> explicit code in the frontend, and the question is if that makes sense.
> Say, for -var-update accepting a list of variable object might be good idea,
> since the number of variable object can be significant, and they are updated
> on each step. For deleting and disabling breakpoints, I'm actually not sure.
> Typically, there are few breakpoints and wholesale delete is not common,
> so it's not worth optimizing for.
> Opinions?

I'm guessing that this is an artifact of the fact that 
the CLI commands (break, delete, enable, disable...)
are all willing to accept this type of argument list.

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