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Re: DSO with relocations and GDB.

On 4/18/08, Daniel Jacobowitz <> wrote:
> On Fri, Apr 18, 2008 at 03:50:00PM -0700, Ananth Sowda wrote:
> > The powerpc eabi DSO (dynamic shared object) I'm debugging using GDB
> > 6.6  has .debug_info and other debug tables which have unresolved
> > relocations. The .rela_debug_info is available in the DSO and it has
> > sh_link set to .symtab, sh_info to .debug_info.  However, the bfd code
> > in GDB 6.6 does not seem to associate the .debug_info with
> > corresponding section. When GDB attempts to relocate
> > these debug tables,  bfd does not recognize that the section has
> > relocations.
> What does objdump -h say about this file?  IOW, what do you mean by
> "does not seem to associate"?

BFD internal section data structure for .debug_info section is not
marked with SEC_RELOC in flags and number of relocation records for
the section is 0.  objdump -h output shows that sh_link(points to
.symtab) and sh_link(points to .debug_info) are set correctly for the section.

> GDB is supposed to handle this case correctly.  However, we've also
> pretty well established that the linker is wrong to emit such
> relocations; if you have the option of using a different linker
> version which does not do so, I recommend it.

I agree using a linker which resolves the relocations fixes the problem.

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