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Re: breaking on open(2) on linux

Daniel Jacobowitz <> writes  on Sun, 13 Apr 2008 00:18:33 -0400
     > > Marty Leisner writes:
     > >  > I've used gdb for 20 years...I've found the ability to 
     > >  > break on a system call and then backtrace very useful when
     > >  > reverse engineering code
     > >  > 
     > >  > Now, I can't do it (not sure when I last could -- I recall its been
     > >  > a problem before, but I worked around it).
     > >  > 
     > >  > strace shows open(2) calls...
     > > 
     > Glibc is not good about passing all calls to e.g. open through the
     > "open" function.  Many will be inlined.  GDB does not support stopping
     > on system calls, though I hope it will some day (someone tried to
     > contribute this, but the assignment paperwork never went through and I
     > can no longer reach him).
     > -- 

I always felt it would be useful to embed some of the capability of strace into "strace mode" where gdb gives strace like output until a breakpoint is

Stopping on system calls IMHO is a very useful feature....
I think I'm going to look into this...

I'm not sure why the static and the shared are acting very different (guess
its time to build glibc ;-().


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