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Re: GDB make error: for m68xx toolchain

Michael Snyder wrote:
On Fri, 2008-04-04 at 12:21 +1000, Nathan K wrote:
Hi people who have more of an idea about this than me,

For Uni we have to compile for the m68hc11. So I've set about setting up
the toolchain so I can work at home as indicated here.

My problem is a make error when compiling GDB

make[1]: *** No rule to make target `-lm', needed by `gdb'. Stop.
make: *** [all-gdb] Error 2

I'm running os x, gcc 3.3.5 (using gcc_select), gdb-6.2 with 68hc patch as
indicated on GCC 68HC11 & 68HC12 Sources Installation

I think this might be referring to the math library, but I'm not sure what
to do about it. perhaps add a config option or edit make file???

Thanks in advance for any pointers,


What's Uni? Oh, university? Heh, you're not at an .edu address...

Yes, the error message refers to the math library.
"-lm" means "link with libm.a" (or, depending).
But the -lm directive seems to be misplaced somehow, perhaps from your host/target makefile fragment.

We're at version 6.8, though -- we can't help you too much
with version 6.2...

Thanks for your response, yeah I use a dumb email address for lists to avoid spam.

Could I just go into the Makefile and add the flag? or is it a configure option? Where would this directive normally be?

I'd be happy to change to 6.8 but since I'm using it for cross compiling I need to ensure that it will work with the m68hc11.... also this is my first experience setting up a toolchain, so I'm trying to be conservative with what I try (since i'm not sure about what might work and don't want to get in over my head).

If anyone know of a toolchain that works with a newer version of GDB please let me know.

Thanks again,


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