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Problem setting registers if stack point or frame pointer is 0


I have a problem trying to set a CPU register (using the GDB convenience variable mechanism) if the stack pointer (SP) or frame pointer (FP) CPU registers are 0. For example on an SH-4 device, where the FP register is R14 and the SP register is R15, I see the following error from GDB (6.7.1):

(gdb) <commands to connect to SH-4 target>
(gdb) set $r15 = 0
(gdb) set $pc = 0xa0000000
Value being assigned to is no longer active.

The error is being generated by value_assign() (valops.c) in the following code sequence:

     case lval_register:
         struct frame_info *frame;
         int value_reg;

         /* Figure out which frame this is in currently.  */
         frame = frame_find_by_id (VALUE_FRAME_ID (toval));
         value_reg = VALUE_REGNUM (toval);

         if (!frame)
           error (_("Value being assigned to is no longer active."));

I can make the problem "go away" if I insert the following after the call to frame_find_by_id() in the above code:

         if (!frame)
           frame = get_current_frame();

This solution was "suggestion" by a source comment in the implementation of frame_find_by_id(). Is this the right solution do you think ?

(I am not familiar with the frame management of GDB so I thought I would ask those more in the know about this aspect of GDB internals :-).



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