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Re: Regenerate config/features/rs6000

On Tue, Apr 01, 2008 at 03:22:05PM -0500, Anmol P. Paralkar wrote:
>> Meanwhile, I'd love to remove the circular dependency, but I haven't
>> thought of a way to do it yet.
>  When you say circular dependency, you mean using a GDB to generate a
>  part of itself, right? For variants of existing architecures this not
>  so non-intuitive. However, when adding a brand new arch. (e.g. say if we
>  had XML descriptions in place and were adding support for the e500),

The e500 is not a brand new architecture, as far as GDB is concerned.
It's what I was calling a variant.  It's adding XML support to a new
foo*-* target that's really awkward.

>  one has to teach it about the new architecture first, else it's not
>  going to like the: <architecture>powerpc:e500</architecture> resulting in:
> warning: while parsing target description (at line <?>): Target description specified unknown architecture "powerpc:e500"
> warning: Could not load XML target description; ignoring
> There is no target description to print.
>  For a situation like that, is there a simpler process than/alternative to
>  the one I outlined in my previous mail?

I see.  All you need to add before you can do this is the BFD bits;
you shouldn't need to add it to GDB's list, but PowerPC might be
special in this regard.

Daniel Jacobowitz

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