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Re: target remote-attach?

>>>>> "Michael" == Michael Snyder <> writes:

 Michael> Just thinking aloud... we ought to have a sort of
 Michael> "remote-attach" command, that would allow us to connect to a
 Michael> remote target when it is already in a "run" state.  Right
 Michael> now the initial handshake protocol prevents doing that.

 Michael> The target might be waiting to tell gdb "I stopped because
 Michael> of a SIGTRAP", or similar, or it might actually be running,
 Michael> and need to be stopped via a serial BRK or the like.  After
 Michael> that, we would be in a sane state from which we could do the
 Michael> usual remote_open handshake.

 Michael> Or is there something like that already?

I haven't seen the problem you mention.  gdbserver allows attaching to
a running process (by PID) and that has always worked for me.  For
that matter, it works also with a native gdb (local debug).

Similarly, I've used the remote target protocol for kernel debug,
connecting after the kernel panic handler has invoked the stub via a
breakpoint instruction.  That too works fine.


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