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Re: Multiple breakpoints - few problems [MI commands, gdb6.7.50.20080221]

Bogdan Slusarczyk wrote:

>>> 2) sometimes gdb complains that can't set sub-breakpoint (Cannot insert
>>> breakpoint <whole number>. Error accessing memory address <address>.)
>> This is not supposed to happen in the first place. Any ideas what
>> causes this error?
>> Can you maybe provide a minimal self-contained example
>> so that we can figure the cause of your original error (and maybe use it
>> as testcase for making the error message more precise).
> It will be difficult. It's SystemC project, to run it you have to have
> proper SystemC/HDL simulator :( I don't know if you know SystemC (I
> don't ;), see for example It's
> some kind of strongly templated library. My SystemC project is made from
> my library (with debug) which is statically linked with SystemC library
> (without debug) - it's important, because even I have instantiated some
> of SystemC template in my library, gcc often gets symbols from non-debug
> SystemC library and I can't debug such variables (gdb complains
> something about incomplete types).
> So I suppose two reasons:
> 1) I have instantiated template for two specializations (probably -
> SystemC can do it itself) and I try to set breakpoint inside it's
> method. I have problem to get debug information from SystemC library and
> maybe it's the same problem
> 2) probably simulator loads my library twice using dlopen (or similar),
> and gdb can't access memory for unknown reason

So essentially, we don't know where there error comes from :-(

> Regardless of this, don't you think it's good idea to adapt MI commands
> for <MULTIPLE> breakpoints? Do you consider it?

Of, course, it will be good. Unfortunately, at this point it's not the
biggest problem with MI, in my opinion, so I don't have an estimate when
I'll have time to address this.

- Volodya

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