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Re: Multiple breakpoints - few problems [MI commands, gdb6.7.50.20080221]

2) sometimes gdb complains that can't set sub-breakpoint (Cannot insert
breakpoint <whole number>. Error accessing memory address <address>.)

This is not supposed to happen in the first place. Any ideas what causes this error? Can you maybe provide a minimal self-contained example so that we can figure the cause of your original error (and maybe use it as testcase for making the error message more precise).

It will be difficult. It's SystemC project, to run it you have to have proper SystemC/HDL simulator :( I don't know if you know SystemC (I don't ;), see for example It's some kind of strongly templated library. My SystemC project is made from my library (with debug) which is statically linked with SystemC library (without debug) - it's important, because even I have instantiated some of SystemC template in my library, gcc often gets symbols from non-debug SystemC library and I can't debug such variables (gdb complains something about incomplete types).
So I suppose two reasons:
1) I have instantiated template for two specializations (probably - SystemC can do it itself) and I try to set breakpoint inside it's method. I have problem to get debug information from SystemC library and maybe it's the same problem
2) probably simulator loads my library twice using dlopen (or similar), and gdb can't access memory for unknown reason

Regardless of this, don't you think it's good idea to adapt MI commands for <MULTIPLE> breakpoints? Do you consider it?


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