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Re: New MI maintainer

> Date: Fri, 22 Feb 2008 17:21:24 -0500
> From: Bob Rossi <>
> > It's interesting how often people try to tack on bigger concerns to the
> > simple concept of Free Software.  Free Software isn't supposed to be
> > solving global warming and it isn't supposed to be a demonstration of a
> > New World Order with feel-good cum ba yah.  It's just a guarantee that
> > you get the source code for the software that you're using.
> > 
> > Managing any project where people are involved means that sometimes the
> > people in charge have to have frank, private conversations.  The
> > alternative, as Stan Shebs, notes is to essentially do performance
> > reviews in the open.
> > 
> > Some projects *do* work that way but they are hardly bastions of
> > civilized discourse.
> This rhetoric annoys me. I was bringing up a sincere concern that I
> have. I suggested a more open model because I've been wondering for 
> well over 5 years why it (used to?) takes 6 months to get a code review.

The long review time has nothing to do with the issue at hand, or with
the above rhetoric.

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