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RE: New MI maintainer

 > Some people expected an apology in this thread but nobody seemed to be
 > thinking about whether he should apologize. More than one person made a
 > mistake in this awkward story. I strongly believe that a frank 'sorry'
 > from the one who made the first one would be followed by others.

Thanks.  I don't really want an apology from anyone (just as I would rather
not apologise) but I appreciate you pointing out other contributory factors.

I now know more than I did at the start of the thread and the only thing I
would add is that I think such appointments are announced by a member of the
GDB Steering Committee who are "not generally involved in day-to-day
development" (not the release manager) starting with something like:

"After careful consideration the GDB Steering Committee are glad to announce..."

to make it clear that the appointment has been made collectively.

I'm starting to feel uncomfortable with this thread now so I'd like it to
stop (just as the majority of silent subscribers probably would too).

One chapter ends and a new one begins.


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