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Re: Wrong list for gdb usage questions?

On Fri, 2008-02-22 at 00:42 -0800, Joel Brobecker wrote:
> > I asked a question earlier today on the IRC channel, and again on this
> > mailing list.  Both questions went w/o even an acknowledgement.  Is
> > there a more apropriate place where I can ask my gdb usage question?
> > I'm not trying to bother anyone, just trying to figure out how to use
> > gdb in an area that isn't documented particularly well (making
> > searching a bit futile).
> This is indeed the right list to ask questions about GDB usage, but
> there is noone here paid to answer these questions. This mailing
> list just connects a community of GDB users that are willing to
> share their knowledge. Most of us try to help whenever we have the time,
> but it's all voluntary. I checked the archives, and your previous
> question was sent about 9h before you sent this second one. Andrew
> Cagney, who used to be a very active contributor, used to say
> "Everything takes a week on the internet". Give it a little more time.

Also, leaving the channel 10 minutes after posting the question in IRC
is way too little. By the time I had a chance to see that he was seeking
help, Craig was already gone. #gdb is not a hotline where we are bugged
by our managers if we don't solve issues in less than x minutes. :-)
Thiago Jung Bauermann
Software Engineer
IBM Linux Technology Center

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