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Re: Multiple breakpoints - few problems [MI commands, gdb6.7.50.20080221]

Bogdan Slusarczyk wrote:

> Hi, I have few problems using <MUTLIPLE> breakpoints with MI commands,

Well, MI does not currently explicitly support multiple locations
breakpoint -- that is you cannot see the individual locations or
operate on them.

> maybe you can help me.
> 1) to be sure: I can't delete sub-breakpoint, only disable it?


> 2) sometimes gdb complains that can't set sub-breakpoint (Cannot insert
> breakpoint <whole number>. Error accessing memory address <address>.) 

This is not supposed to happen in the first place. Any ideas what
causes this error?

> I 
> want to disable such sub-breakpoint, but I can't because:
> a) <whole number> it's not sub-breakpoint id
> b) I could use <address> to find sub-breakpoint, but it's impossible
> because -break-list (or -break-info <whole number>) doesn't return any
> information about sub-breakpoints.
> Is it a bug or I missed something? How can I list sub-breakpoints?

You cannot, in MI. Can you maybe provide a minimal self-contained example
so that we can figure the cause of your original error (and maybe use it
as testcase for making the error message more precise).

- Volodya

> Best regards,
> Bogdan

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