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Re: New MI maintainer

On Wed, Feb 20, 2008 at 09:46:04AM +1300, Nick Roberts wrote:
> was interested in the role.  Given that I have made significant contributions
> to GDB/MI over a long period of time then it would then seem appropriate to at
> least e-mail me off-list before the announcement to inform me of your
> intention.

Yes.  I didn't handle the announcement well, and I should have avoided
the (untrue) appearance of conflict of interest by asking someone else
to make the announcement.  Joel has kindly volunteered to make
announcements in the future if this situation comes up again.

This appointment isn't supposed to be a slap in the face for anyone
not appointed.  It's supposed to get us out of bad situation: Vladimir
can now approve MI patches, including yours, so you won't have to sit
around waiting for me to look at them.  I have every confidence that
he will be better about it than I was, and that he will listen when
there's a disagreement about the right choices.  If I wasn't
confident, I would have objected to the appointment.

Daniel Jacobowitz

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