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Re: gdbserver tracepoint support (from Project Ideas page)

On Wed, 2008-02-20 at 15:24 -0800, Doug Evans wrote:
> Hi.  The wiki Project Ideas page has this for gdbserver:
>     * Gdbserver doesn't support tracepoints. A few people have said
> they would work on this, but no patches for it have ever been
> submitted to the mailing list. This could be a nice introductory
> project for someone interested in remote debugging.
> Can anyone give me an idea of what they think this involves, and if
> any work has been done on this since the wiki entry was written?

What work it involves -- 
1) First gdbserver must understand the extra set of 
tracepoint remote protocol commands (or a subset of them:
tracepoint support is very subset-able).  I'm sure these
commands are documented somewhere...
2) Then gdbserver has to know how to implement a tracepoint, 
ie. to stop the child, quickly collect a well defined set of
data into a cache, then continue the child without any 
interaction with gdb.

AFAIK no one has worked on it in a while.

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