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Re: New MI maintainer

 > > Clearly Vladimir's appointment should be seen as an endorsement of his
 > > views.
 > No, it is not.  GDB global maintainers are not appointed based on
 > their views, they are appointed based on their coding and social
 > skills.  Unfortunately for you, your reaction to Vladimir's
 > appointment puts you farther from a similar appointment, not closer.

Hopefully their views are taken into account.  It doesn't sound like
I was very close, in the first place.

Having refused to revert changes that broke Emacs use of Gdb (albeit with
"undocumented assumptions") for the last three months, I find it disingenuous
for him to suddenly offer to fix parts now.  I'm not optimistic about the
future, when the heat has died down.

 > > and perhaps I shouldn't be such a sore loser.  I guess it's
 > > checkmate and game over.
 > You are not a loser, and this is not a game.  This is not some kind of
 > final verdict in high court without right to appeal, either.  If you
 > can accept friendly constructive criticism and change, there's no
 > reason not to invite you to become a global maintainer at some later
 > date;

Thanks for your support but after six years of contributing and peer reviewing
patches the thought that "if I keep trying, I too might one day become a
maintainer" doesn't really excite me.


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