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Re: New MI maintainer

 > > I must say I'm surprised by this appointment for several reasons.  When I
 > > offered to act as maintainer, a year or so ago, although I had Eli's
 > > support and other's endorsed it off-list, e.g., Alain Magloire, my offer
 > > was declined.
 > Yes.  The global maintainers have been discussing the problem of MI
 > maintenance for at least that long.  I was hoping to leave this out of
 > the announcement, but the consensus of that group was that you were
 > not a suitable choice for a GDB maintainer.  Part of the delay was our
 > hope that the situation would improve.

Apart from Eli's support I had no feedback from that offer so clearly I
don't understand what that means.

 > > The process behind these decisions is not open to me but it doesn't escape
 > > my attention that Vladimir is now part of CodeSourcery, and that
 > > CodeSourcery have at least one contract (with Ericsson) to work on Eclipse
 > > which uses GDB/MI in its DSF plugin.  I ask myself in whose interest this
 > > appointment is made.  It's certainly not the GNU project or the FSF.
 > I expect an apology from you for this offensive statement.  I am the
 > only member of the GDB steering committee working at CodeSourcery, and
 > the SC is a group of GDB contributors, not some sort of sock puppet.
 > The decision was made solely based on the interests of GDB in our best
 > judgement.

I don't want to escalate the invective but I don't really see why I should
apologise for my perceptions.  If, as you say, the decision was carefully
discussed, it would not have escaped the global maintainers attention that I
was interested in the role.  Given that I have made significant contributions
to GDB/MI over a long period of time then it would then seem appropriate to at
least e-mail me off-list before the announcement to inform me of your


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