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Re: stop-on-solib-events and Cygwin (or MinGW)

Daniel Jacobowitz wrote:
On Thu, Feb 14, 2008 at 09:01:44AM -0800, Gordon Prieur wrote:

I've just added support to the NetBeans gdb module for breakpoints
set in shared libraries explicity dlopened (as apposed to shared libraries
linked at link time). I'm using stop-on-solib-events to do this, and it works
fine on both Solaris and Linux.

Why do you need to do this? i.e. what are you doing with breakpoints
that current versions of GDB don't handle for you? (There may be a
good reason, I'm just curious what it is.)

Its customer driven. In NetBeans, breakpoints persist outside of a gdb session.
The simplified scenario I'm using in my test cases contains 2 files, main.c and
shared.c (shared.c builds into a dll). If I link main.c with the shared library then
when I start debugging main, all breakpoints in shared.c are active.

If I don't link the dll into main but explicitly dlopen it, the breakpoints aren't
active unless I set them after the dlopen.

   However, if I set this property on Windows I don't get stopped after
my dlopen/dlclose calls. Is there any way (on Windows) to make this
feature work? The alternative is to provide a complete 2nd implementation
for Windows (based on stopping in dlopen, calling "finish", and comparing
info share from before and after). Since stack information isn't always
reliable on Windows, I'm concerned this method won't be very reliable.

Are there technical reasons why stop-on-solib-events doesn't work on
Windows? Or is it just unimplemented on that platform? Would I see the
same behavior on Vista?

It's just unimplemented. However, you might want to try a current CVS
snapshot. I think it should work now that Pedro switched win32 over
to XML-based libraries.

Will this be part of gbd 6.8? From my point of view, its only fixed when I can
recommend a specific version of Cygwin and/or MinGW to my customers. Even
then, I'll need to support legacy versions without this feature. So even if its
fixed, I think I'll need to maintain my alternate Windows implementation for
a while.


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