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suggested post (simple stl containers inspectors for gdb)

Hi there,

Nick Roberts suggested me to publish this in your
wiki. Since I have no clue what so even how to deal
with web-sites (I am a compiler engineer), if you find
these gdb command macros useful, please feel free to
post them. 

Nick Roberts asked me "Are you claiming sole

I do not claim anything, just tried to put together a
set of useful ways to inspect stl containers.
Currently, the following containers are supported:

#       std::vector<T> -- via pvector command
#       std::list<T> -- via plist command
#       std::map<T,T> -- via pmap command
#       std::multimap<T,T> -- via pmap command
#       std::set<T> -- via pset command
#       std::multiset<T> -- via pset command
#       std::deque<T> -- via pdequeue command
#       std::stack<T> -- via pstack command
#       std::queue<T> -- via pqueue command
#       std::priority_queue<T> -- via ppqueue command
#       std::bitset<n> -- via pbitset command
#       std::string -- via pstring command
#       std::widestring -- via pwstring command

See attached. Best Regards,

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