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Re: Problem building cross-debugger

Jim Blandy wrote:
> "Gerrit van Niekerk" <gerritvn at> writes:
>>>> I am trying to use Cygwin to build a Cygwin host, DJGPP target version
>>>> of GDB: 
>>>> config --target=djgpp All libraries seem to build ok (make does not
>>>> stop), but 
>>>> the final link gives a number of undefined references  
>>> There is now only one undefined reference remaining: `_bfd_i386_arch'
>> This is turning out to be a very one-sided thread :)
>> I managed to get the link phase to work by explicitly including
>> ../bfd/cpu-i386.o in the gcc command doing the final link.  Perhaps
>> the GDB maintainers can have a look at the cause of the problem.
> I think the reason you haven't gotten much interaction is that you may
> be the only person on the list who's working with such a
> configuration.  If you could figure out the source of the problem and
> suggest a patch, that would get things rolling.

I got exactly the same problem building i386-elf target on i686-pc-cygwin
host with gcc 3.4.4. The problem exists both for binutils-2.16.1 and for

Thank you, Gerrit. Your tip helped me to go on.
Other errors prevented me from building readelf.exe. Hopefullly I could live
with one from standard cygwin distribution.

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