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Problems with debugging programs with multiple binaries

I am using the MinGW Version of GDB 6.6, so I do not know whether this is a general GDB problem, or it does only occur with the Windows version.

The problem I have occurs while debugging executables and dynamic libraries (DLLs). The executable is only written to get a starting point to debug the DLL. Both are compiled with the MinGW Gnu compiler, with debugging symbols (-g3) and without optimization (-O0).

I can start the debugging session correctly, and step through all functions that are defined in the executable. Now, I try to step into a function that is located in the DLL. Instead of the source file, I am taken to iostream, line 77 (which contains âstatic ios_base::Init __ioinit;â). I can âstepâ again to reach the code line I want to, but having always this file is annoying, but â much worse â makes my IDE(Eclipse/CDT) hang up in a endless loop, so I cannot use my IDE there.

I already posted in the CDT newsgroup, but isn't is possible to make GDB directly step into the source file I want to see? And, what does this code line have to do with the function call?

Maybe someone can help me,

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