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support for core files for target powerpc-eabi


 I have configured my gdb for target powerpc-eabi. My host machine is

My aim is to analyze the memory dumps collected from an embedded system.
My embedded system doesn't run any OS. So, I collect the memory dumps
from the system. I then convert these memory dumps to an elf core file.

However, when I try to debug this core file using gdb, I get an error 
message "GDB can't read core files on this machine.".

I want to know what is reason for this message? Don't we have a support
to analyze the corefile for powerpc-eabi ?

Now, when I compile gdb for target powerpc-linux, and analyze the same
corefile, I don't get any error message. I can see the contents of
all .data and .bss and other memory sections. I can even see various
However, the dirty things that I have to do is to construct the
NOTE sections (NT_PRSTATUS) in the same format that powerpc-linux target
does. The gdb has hardcoded the size of prstatus not section for 
powerpc-linux to be 268 and looks for GPRs at specific offsets in 
pr_reg field of prstatus.

My question is if this is a correct way to do the things ?
Is there a better way of achieve this?

Is there a way to analyze my corefile, if I configure the gdb for
powerpc-eabi, Or should I continue to do configure gdb for powerpc-linux
and construct the NOTE section in the same format linux-powerpc does.

I would be highly grateful for any help/suggestions

thanks a lot in advance.  


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