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elf core file format for powerpc



    I am working on embedded system (powerpc based). I try to collect the memory dump over the UART and save it to file.

Next, I convert this raw data to the core file and try to analyse the contents of various global variables. gdb shows perfect results for all the variables in .data and .bss sections.

However, I do not know how to see the values of various general purpose registers and stack dump.

I generally get the following message:

warning: Couldn't find general-purpose registers in core file

It looks that the gdb try to find the ".reg" section in the core file, but it couldn't find it. I tried adding a .reg section with the register contents, still I get the same error message.

Is there ant utility by which I can add a ".reg" section to the corefile.

Also, is anyone aware of any link that describes the core file format (elf, linux over powerpc) ?  I particulary need information about "note0, .reg, .reg2" sections.

Also, is the code for "gcore" available on the internet. I need the source code for "gcore" that creates a core file in elf format and also adds sections "note0, .reg, .reg2".

I would be highly grateful for any help/pointers.

thanks a lot...... 

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