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Re: rwatchpoint configuration

On Mon, Dec 17, 2007 at 04:42:51PM -0800, Siva Velusamy wrote:
> gdb/breakpoint.c:2792
>         if (b->type == bp_read_watchpoint)
>               {
>                   /* Don't stop: read watchpoints shouldn't fire if
>                      the value has changed. This is for targets
>                      which cannot set read-only watchpoints. */
>                   bs->print_it = print_it_noop;
>                   bs->stop = 0;
>                   continue;
>               }
> Since the MicroBlaze target can indeed set read-only watchpoints, this
> should not happen. It looks as if the target has not been properly
> configured. Could someone point me to the appropriate configuration
> settings and what the correct values should be for a processor that
> natively supports read watchpoints?

I don't think there is an appropriate configuration knob at present.

Eli, I think I remember you discussing this with someone else, a year
or two ago; do you remember the reasoning?  If the watchpoint's type
is "only trigger on reads", then core GDB assuming it triggers on all
accesses seems problematic to me.

Daniel Jacobowitz

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