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gdbserver 6.7.1 for mingw32ce connect to host gdb problem

using the newly supplied build script, the bfd patch is applied and the
build is clean.

but now I am struggling to get gdbserver to accept a connection from
development host using target remote xxxx

first I noticed that gdbserver needs a command line like this

gdbserver.exe \\path\\test.exe

without path to .exe it just exits with a usage message
this is due to the fact that wince doesn't define a default (current)
directory like '.'

Test over RNDIS and WLAN with the same results.  gdbserver times out after
about 8 seconds

on the host
arm-wince-mingw32ce-gdb test.exe
target remote

returns Connection refused

tcp test is OK, able to ping the IPAQ 2795 target.

I'm kind of stumped.  I hacked a few diagnostics into gdbserver/server.c to
try and trace what was going on.  I wondered about __MINGW32CE__ asserted in
the make CFLAGS 

any ideas what might be going on, or how best to trace this?


-----Original Message-----
From: Steve DeLaney [] 
Sent: Wednesday, December 12, 2007 1:39 PM
To: 'Pedro Alves'; ''
Subject: build script for gdb 6.7.1 for mingw32ce 

 Thanks to all the help from Pedro on this.  I'm including a build script
that patches gdb 6.7.1 and builds gdb and gdbserver.  not sure the best way
to post this so I'll just include it inline for now.

# build-gdb-6.7.1-mingw32ce
# built with mingw32ce distro 0.51


echo "UNTAR $src DISTRO"
tar xvzf $src.tar.gz

echo "PATCHING $src DISTRO for mingw32ce"
cd $src/bfd
# using bfd patch submitted by Pedro 2007-12-10
patch < ../../mingw32ce.patch
cd ../..

mkdir build-gdb
cd build-gdb
../$src/configure --target=arm-wince-mingw32ce --prefix=/opt/mingw32ce
make install
cd ..

mkdir build-gdbserver
cd build-gdbserver
../$src/gdb/gdbserver/configure --host=arm-wince-mingw32ce 
arm-wince-mingw32ce-strip gdbserver.exe -o gdbserver-stripped.exe
echo "copy gdbserver-stripped.exe to the device and rename it gdbserver.exe"
cd ..

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From: [] On Behalf
Of Pedro Alves
Sent: Monday, December 10, 2007 2:25 PM
Subject: RE: help building gdb 6.7.1 for windows CE ARM

Steve DeLaney wrote:
 > I am attempting a build of gdb 6.7.1 for windows CE ARM target using  >
mingw32ce  the objective is to have gdbserver on target providing a "target
> remote x" interface to the host development gdb.  in other words a
standard  > session configuration.
 > can anyone help with the --target and --host configure options ?

Build gdb with --target=arm-wince-mingw32ce Build gdbserver with

 > I think there is a bfd patch but not sure if it is located in the patches
> archive ?

I had never submitted it upstream ...

... until now:

Pedro Alves

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