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Re: Non-stop multi-threaded debugging

Pawel Piech <pawel.piech at> writes:
> I'm glad to hear that you're receptive to feedback in defining the
> protocol for these new features.  I will be glad to write up my
> proposal as a starting point for discussion.

That'd be great!

> I've never participated
> on this list before or in any other GDB forum, so forgive my
> ignorance, but is this mailing list the appropriate place for this
> discussion?  Is there a bugzilla or other bug database where I could
> post this document?  And what is the best format for such design
> document.

This is the right list for general discussion like this.  If one has a
patch for discussion or review, that belongs on gdb-patches.

We haven't made a practice of putting documents in an issue tracker; I
don't think anyone has proposed it.  We just link to the archive, as I
did in the message you replied to.

The GDB documentation is written in texinfo.  When I've written draft
documentation for discussion, I've written it in texinfo, and then
posted the output from 'makeinfo --plaintext' for review and
discussion.  But if it's not intended to go into a manual, then plain
text is what we usually use.

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