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Re: Non-stop multi-threaded debugging

Hi Jim,
I'm glad to hear that you're receptive to feedback in defining the protocol for these new features. I will be glad to write up my proposal as a starting point for discussion. I've never participated on this list before or in any other GDB forum, so forgive my ignorance, but is this mailing list the appropriate place for this discussion? Is there a bugzilla or other bug database where I could post this document? And what is the best format for such design document.


Jim Blandy wrote:
Folks should treat this post:

as an attempt to mention all the relevant issues --- not as a fully
worked-out design.  The plan was to hash out the details through
discussion amongst the front end authors on this list.  I don't have
experience writing clients for MI; I've only dealt with implementing
it in GDB, and even then not much.  So you people who work on
real-life front ends are in a much better position to see what would
work best.

So I encourage you, Vlad, Nick, and the rest of the MI fans to hash it
all out and come up with something everyone is satisfied with. We
just need to make sure that the issues the analysis raises all get
addressed (or dismissed).

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