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disclaimer block will soon be active

I'll be turning the disclaimer block on in a couple of days.

The bounce message will be:

  Sorry.  Something in the body of your message triggered a match indicating
  that your email contained a company disclaimer or privacy notice.  Inclusion
  of these types of disclaimers in mail to mailing lists is against site policy.

  For more information see:

  Matched: \"\$reason\"...

The perl regexes which will trigger the bounce are currently:

  \n\s+This email [a-z\s]+is for the exclusive use
  (?i:if (?i:the reader is|you are) not the intended recipient)
  \n\s+This e-?mail (?:is|may be) (?:contain\s+)?(?:privileged|confidential)
  read[a-z\s,]{20,}by the intended recipient
  (?i:if you received this email in error)

These were derived from a casual survey of email archives and
from some sample disclaimers from a site on the web which specializes in
providing them.

If you have questions please send them to the overseers mailing list.  I've
set the Reply-To to this list.


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