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Re: Error "found in psymtab but not in symtab"

Thanks Jim. Can you tell me on what basis the symbols are added in
psymtab. Why we have so many tables like symtabs, psymtab, aux
symtab,aux psymtab etc.

I am just curious to know why there so many table and how symbols are
added to psymtab.

Thanks in advance.

On 6/25/07, Jim Blandy <> wrote:

Indira <> writes: > In what cases gdb gives this error "Internal: global symbol `abc' > found in ../xyz.c psymtab but not in symtab."

This message indicates that GDB has a bug.  First, please make sure
you are using the very latest GDB; see

If that version of GDB still prints this message, then if you can give
us instructions to make the bug happen on our own machines, we can fix

If you're curious, 'psymtabs' are 'partial symbol tables':
(relatively) small structures that act as an index for the full symbol
table information.  GDB reads the full symbol table information only
as needed.  The message indicates that the psymtabs suggested that
full details for the symbol 'abc' would be found by reading the full
symbol information for 'xyz.c', but GDB didn't actually find them
there --- the psymtabs were wrong.

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