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Re: Temporary breakpoints delete notification

On 6/20/07, Jim Blandy <> wrote:
"Jonathon Jongsma" <> writes:
> broke when we hit a temporary breakpoint.  Compare the gdb/mi output
> from hitting a temporary breakpoint:
> *stopped,thread-id="1",frame={addr="0x080557bb",func="main",args=[{name="argc",value="1"},{name="argv",value="0xbfca9c54"}],file="",fullname="/home/jonathon/Projects/xplot/src/",line="51"}
> to the output from hitting a standard breakpoint:
> *stopped,reason="breakpoint-hit",bkptno="1",thread-id="1",frame={addr="0x08055769",func="main",args=[{name="argc",value="1"},{name="argv",value="0xbfca9c54"}],file="",fullname="/home/jonathon/Projects/xplot/src/",line="43"}

I think this is simply a bug.  GDB should report a reason, etc. for
temporary breakpoints just as it does for other breakpoints.

Can you see what it would take to fix this?

I have never actually looked at the source code of gdb, so I have no idea what it would take to fix it. If you could point me in the right direction (e.g. which files I might need to look at), I'd be willing to take a look.


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