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Re: DELAYED: GDB 6.7 branch creation scheduled June 25th

 > > These facts suggest to me that it's best to delay the branch, possibly by a
 > > month or two, not backdate it.
 > As far as I am concerned, the fact that we use backdating is unrelated
 > to where we decide the branchpoint to be. I like backdating, because
 > it allows me to put the head in maintenance mode for a couple of days
 > while I work on the branch.

You've lost me.  I thought the branchpoint is where the branch was cut.

 >                           But what I do NOT want to do, is to delay the
 > branch because we're waiting for the next fix, enhancement, etc, unless
 > there is a compeling reason to.

The next enhancement can always wait for the next release but if there's a bug
that needs fixing, that needs to be done before the release.  If you're saying
branch and then fix before the release, there doesn't seem much point in
testing until all the fixes are in.  So where's the gain in branching early?

 > In this particular case, I think we have more than enough material
 > to start a new release. Just to verify my impression, I had a look
 > at the NEWS file, and the "since 6.6" section is actually very long!
 > And the great thing is that I know more are coming for the release
 > following that one (which I hope we'll be able to call it GDB 7 :-).

Sure.  I don't think anyone is saying that there haven't been enough changes.


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