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Bug: Cannot set registers when stack frame is invalid - Quick fix ?


I know there have been discussions before. I wonder if there is a quick fix
for the following problem:

GDB refuses to set registers when there is no valid stack frame.


1) Debugging an ARM target right after reset: The program counter is at 0
and all other registers contain random data.
I can't set any register - neither CPSR nor any R.. register.

2) Debugging an ARM target within a function: When changig CPSR or PC, so
the current stack frame will become invalid, I can no longer set registers.
This is quite blocking sometimes. I can set the PC to an invalid value, but
I can't change it back.

It a bit hard to understand that setting registers depends on valid stack
frames as the CPU registers are independent of stack frames (in the "real"
world). And when there is not valid stack frame, I, of course, expect to
still be able to set registers.

I wonder if there is quick fix so GDB will simply set registers when there
is no valid stack frame ?

GDB Snapshot from around 26.5.2007.



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