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Re: Are incremental shared library updates useful in remote?

Daniel Jacobowitz wrote:
Most of the complicated parts of the remote shared library code deal
with adding or removing a single library (the T packed "load" and
"unload" responses).  For solib-svr4 targets we read the shared
library list from the target at each solib event; this is slow, but
not that slow.  Reading the whole list using qXfer:libraries:read
would still be faster than that, since we would not need to chase a
linked list.

So, is the ability to report and handle single load events useful?
It will surely speed up one use case - "continue" through a loop that
constantly loads and unloads a shared library - but I think that may
not be an important case.

Pedro, Jim, what do you think?  If it's not important, I can easily
make GDB request the whole list.  I can probably strip out a few
hundred lines of code that way, and avoid a thorny protocol design
problem (how to use XML content in qXfer:libraries:read, without
having escaping problems in the T packet response).

Fine with me. Actually, my first approach (reading a /proc/<pid>/maps file from the target and parsing that) also ignored the incremental loading. Since you wanted that for Symbian, it's your decision. Plus, we can always add it later as an extension if needed, right? I don't have a problem with the slowness as I debug WinCE devices over 802.x/tcpip.

Pedro Alves

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