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Re: debugging stripped binary/library & coredump without binary

Thanks Daniel. But I want to know how to debug once core file is
opened without access to program file but with access only to source
code. Are there any tips?


On 6/12/07, Daniel Jacobowitz <> wrote:
On Tue, Jun 12, 2007 at 04:22:43PM +0530, Sudhakar G wrote:
> For certain reasons I want strip the symbols in my modules. But I want
> to know how to debug the program in such case. I used to debug running
> program at object/assembly level but only with the help of symbols
> which help me in setting breakpoints. But with symbols stripped, I am
> at loss as to how to debug. I know there is a command called
> "symbol-file" in gdb which will help in loading the symbol file. Not
> sure if it is of help. But I could not figure out how to generate
> symbol file for a program or library though I spent some time with gcc
> and ld man pages.

You can use separate debug files, or you can just save the unstripped
file and use that for GDB instead.

> I also want to know if there is anyway in opening the coredump and
> debugging it if the actual program is not available.

gdb -c, but it does not work as well as if you give it a program.

Daniel Jacobowitz

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