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Re: Scope Checking Patch

Hi Rob,

I haven't gone through your patch, but I have a suggestion. If I do a patch for GDB I do it like that:

a) Checkout current head
b) Create a copy of that directory e.g.
c) Do my changes in
d) Create patch by: diff -urN gdb/ > diff-file

Then you the two diff files in one file and its better readable. Also its easier to apply just one file instead of two.


Rob Quill wrote:
Hi all,

This is the first patch I have ever submitted to an open source
project, so I'm a little bit unsure of the process. The patch adds the
ability to check if a variable is in scope, as descibed here:

I have attached the diffs for the two files I've changed. However, I
am seeing some regressions against the current cvs, which I can't
understand, so I was wondering if a) the regressions happen for anyone
esle? (which presumably it does), b) if anyone could offer any
suggestions as to the cause, and c) give thier opinions on the patch.

The patch allows the scope of constants, variables and variables in
classes/structures, by using $in_scope(variable_name) as an
expression, with value 1 if variable_name is in scope and 0 if it is

Any help and thoughts you can offer is much appreciated.



Markus Deuling
GNU Toolchain for Linux on Cell BE

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