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Re: symbol maintenance

Fabian Cenedese <> writes:
>>> This is a gdb 6.5 cross-compiled with cygwin on WinXP for ppc.
>>> (gdb) file gccext3.x
>>> Reading symbols from /data/gdb-6.5/gdb/gccext3.x...unknown symbol type 0x1e...ex
>>> panding to full symbols...unsupported const value attribute form: 'DW_FORM_strin
>>> g'...const value length mismatch for 'ciOffline', got 8, expected 0...done.
>>Those look more serious.  GDB is trying to read DWARF debugging
>>information, and it's malformed.  What compiler are you using?  What
>>does 'objdump -h gccext3.x' say?
> The used compiler is gcc 4.0.2, cross compiled for ppc.
> The files for gccext3 were compiled with -gdwarf-2 (no +, no O).

Oh, so you have an ELF file, not a PE file.  In that case, could you
run 'readelf -wi gccext3.x', and post the output?  If the DWARF in
that file is valid, and GDB's reading it properly, then the problem is
that GCC is producing information GDB can't use.

But even in that case, GDB should be able to properly skip data it
doesn't understand (DWARF is very good about that), so the answer to
your original question is, no, you don't need to worry about that
warning --- unless you're trying to use string constants and GDB
doesn't seem to know their values.

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