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Re: gdbserver/gdb-6/4 and lots of pthreads

On Fri, Nov 17, 2006 at 01:46:56PM -0500, wrote:
Sending packet:


Ignore signal 0xe. In the GDB remote protocol that is SIGALRM.

I had "handle SIGALRM nostop noprint" in my .gdbinit file I had added that while
digging into this problem a while ago and had forgotten about it. Removing it
and re-running everything doesn't appear to have an effect. In addition to
"nostop noprint"

With the handle SIGALRM removed, I get a steady stream of:

Sending packet: $vCont;C0e:1bb;c#ea...Ack
Packet received: T0e01:8ff7fb80;40:0f6bf3a8;thread:1bb;

perhaps 100/second. Also, I see my other pthreads waking up and being switched-to
200 times/second. When not attached to gdb, these do not wake up at all. And when
I create an event which should wake up one of them, the system thrashes between that
one and the main parent thread, and "remote debug" data ceases.

Sending packet: $vCont;C0e:1c2;c#bb...Ack
Packet received: T0e01:8ff7fb80;40:0f6bf3a8;thread:1c2;

Resume thread with SIGLARM. Thread stopped with SIGALRM. It shouldn't be doing this; you told it to ignore SIGALRM.

I can't reproduce this behavior; gdbserver doesn't report the SIGALRM
for me.  Are you using unmodified versions from CVS at this point?

This is the CVS version from Wednesday evening, with your patch contained here:

If that doesn't have all of the pieces I need, please let me know - a few days I would
have said that I have no experience with patches/patching. And now I have some :-)

Daniel Jacobowitz

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