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powerpc simulator instruction question


Version: gdb 6.5 with ppc simulator enabled.

I have an RTEMS program which seems to have the FPU
enabled OK since it executes the instructions at
0x9a0, 0x9ac, and 0x9b0.  But it gets an exception
0x0700 at 0x9b4.

    9a0:       fd 8c 00 32     fmul    f12,f12,f0
    9a4:       c0 09 0c e0     lfs     f0,3296(r9)
    9a8:       39 21 00 48     addi    r9,r1,72
    9ac:       fd 8c 00 32     fmul    f12,f12,f0
    9b0:       fd a0 60 1e     fctiwz  f13,f12
    9b4:       7d a0 4f ae     stfiwx  f13,0,r9

The device tree file is:

 #address-cells 2
 /openprom/init/register/pvr 0xfffe0000
 /openprom/options/oea-memory-size 8388608

The code in question was compiled with -mcpu=603e.
I have tried starting the simulator with no model
argument (tar sim...), 603e (-m 603e) and 603 without
any difference.

The stfiwx was generated by gcc.

Is the stfiwx not implemented in the simulator? Not valid?

Any suggestions, patches?

I can provide the executable in question if it helps


--joel sherrill

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