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Re: MI varobj properties

I did -var-info-path-expression lazily, since these can be pretty long strings, and most of the time they aren't used. So hanging one off each varobj when it's not needed seems wasteful.


On Nov 15, 2006, at 8:42 AM, Vladimir Prus wrote:

It looks like MI has grown way to many ways to report properties of a variable

- When a variable object is created, the gdb response reports some
properties (like expression and the number of children).
- There's -var-info-expression that returns the expression (basically
the same as above) and also language.
- There's -var-show-attributes that returns "editable" attribute.
- Apple branch has -var-info-path-expression that returns full expression

This is somewhat complicated, and there are no clear rationale how do get any
new bit of information.

Except for getting the value of a variable objects, all those properties are
computed by gdb, and there are no complex algorithms. How about the following

- The commands that create new variable object always return full
list of properties.
- There's a new command that also returns the full list of properties
- For backward compatibility, existing commands just forward
to the new command.


- Volodya

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