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Re: restart for remote target

On Thu, Jul 27, 2006 at 01:37:05PM +0200, Efim Monyak wrote:
> Yes, is where a possibility to save breakpoint state (number, enable or 
> disable) before disable
> breakpoints and apply it after enable?

No.  None of these things you want to do are possible in the GDB
scripting language; it just isn't complex enough.  Sorry.  You could
possibly drive GDB using something external and the machine interface

There are tentative plans to hook up a real scripting language, but
they aren't ready yet - it may be a while.

> Because after "disable" command the information about breakpoint state 
> is lost. They all are disabled.
> I must do it by GDB script.
> Or is it possible to define an array as long as maximal possible number 
> of breakpoints?
> I don't found a maximal possible value for $bpnum.

There isn't a maximum.

> >In many cases the stub can handle all of this automatically,
> >manually disabling interrupts et cetera.
> >
> >  
> stub receives command "insert breakpoint" for all enabled breakpoints 
> before program step or continue and
> "remove breakpoint" after program stop.
> stub don't know breakpoints to be used on the next program step or continue.

I meant have the stub completely handle the restart operation, loading,
executing the bootloader, et cetera.

Daniel Jacobowitz

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