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MI: -stack-list-frames upper limit

I'm trying to switch KDevelop to incrementally fetch frames from gdb. One
reason is that -stack-list-frames is not as fast as I'd like. Another
reason is that if a program is stuck in inifinite recursive, getting all
10000 frames will take a long time no matter how gdb is optimized.

So, I first emit

  -stack-list-frames 0 30


  -stack-list-frames 30 60


  -stack-list-frames 60 90

and so on. However, '-stack-list-frames' fails whenre there's not enough
frames. Say, if there's just 80 frames the last command will fail. The only
way to workaround this is to invoke  

   -stack-info-depth SOME_LIMIT

but then if user wants to see frames above SOME_LIMIT, I'd need to send
another -stack-info-depth command. So basically, for each new chunk of
frames that user wants to see I'd need to emit two commands, first
-stack-info-depth, and then -stack-list-frames, and that's inconvenient.

Would it be possible to modify the -stack-list-frames command so that upper
limit only limits the number of frames, but does not cause an error if
there's less frames?


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