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Re: RFC: MI output during program execution

 > > The async code used a heavily changed version of child_wait (in
 > > linux-nat.c).
 > > 
 > > What does the new code use in place of this procedure?
 > child_wait only ever worked for single-threaded executables.  Now
 > linux_nat_wait is used, for both single-threaded and multi-threaded
 > executables.

OK I follow that now and have moved the relevant async code from child_wait to
linux_nat_wait.  I've also re-instated the --async option so that --noasync
*should* run as on the trunk.

You said earlier that I'm free to create my own branch but since I've not done
that before for GDB I think its sensible to run this past you first.  Having
read the node Versions and Branches in the GDB Inernals manual I propose to:

1) Create a branchpoint of current HEAD for gdb+dejagnu:

   cvs rtag nickrob-200604026-branchpoint gdb+dejagnu

2) Create a branch from that branchpoint:

   cvs rtag -b  -r nickrob-200604026-branchpoint nickrob-200604026-branch \

3) Update my working directory to that branch:

   cvs update -r nickrob-200604026-branch

4) Add files called ChangeLog-async, README-async, TODO-async.

5) Modify appropriately.

5) Commit my/Apple's changes.

6) Post those changes to gdb-patches.

7) Do regular merges with trunk:

   cvs update -j HEAD  (?)

When I've got this far I'll also explain what the code does and what I would
like it to do in the future (from README-async) on the gdb mailing list.


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